B2B Sales Recruitment

Hiring salespeople who are capable of hitting or surpassing their sales targets consistently can be the difference between success or failure for a company. The pressure to ‘get it right’ never goes away. Statistics show that at least 50% of the representatives on most sales teams are below target. Job churn contributes to a feeling of instability: in many companies, salesperson turnover of 30% per annum is all too typical.

We have built a robust sales recruiting process that delivers sales hires at almost 2x the industry average. XCUTiVES sales recruiters are specialized in headhunting B2B sales professionals. Our specialty is headhunting passive, currently employed top sales performers in any targeted firm, from entry-level sales recruiting to VP level account management headhunting, firms from around the globe.

1. IT Services Sales Recruiting
2. Technology Sales Recruiting
3. Software Sales Recruiting

Quality Guarantee

Matched with precision, our job is to save you time, and we do this by understanding the types of candidates you want to interview and hire. If they aren’t meeting their goals, and you don’t think they’re making real progress toward living up to your high expectations in the timeframe we agree on, tell us. We’ll find someone else for you and you won’t have to pay a dime for substitute.

Xcutives Hunting Method

Need Analysis & Recruitment Strategy Optimization

Discovery sessions to understand our clients’ businesses, sales processes and corporate sales goals, Sales Interview guidelines and what will make this sales person successful. Identify key deliverables from our sales recruiters and your sales hiring team

Research & Sales Person Acquisition

Our strong social media presence enables us to engage with top salespeople while offering a platform for sharing meaningful and useful content. It allows us to create a customized search for each role and simultaneously reaches all relevant sales talent in our network.

Evalution & Reference Check

Identify top sales people and benchmark them against fitment matrix

Behavior-based interviews and role playing

Track record verification, thru candidate reference check

On top of all, a targeted hiring methodology can hit the bull's-eye in recruiting sales professionals.