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Our people and culture are redefining what it means to be a professional services firm and it’s about putting people first.

24hrs response time- by the time you upload and submit your resume to us, our talent advisor team member will call you within 24hrs for discussion.

A powerful network of talented professionals- you join a powerful and global network of talented professionals. We provide opportunities to build lifelong connections with clients – all around the world – because we perform better when we connect the dots between you and your next job.

Feedback is a must- we know that feedback both positive and negative, is very helpful and it highlights weaknesses as well as strengths. Feedback is valuable information that will be used to make important decisions. XCUTiVES provide feedback within 24hrs of representation of your candidature to a job, after the interview… and so on.

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Why work with a recruiter?

#10 – Meet Your New Best Friend!

Seriously, establishing a relationship with a recruiter (whether you are ready for a job change now or in the future) is beneficial to you. Your recruiter can give you valuable insight on the job market and access to unpublished openings or jobs that are not posted on job boards and

company websites. Your recruiter can offer advice on the best timing to be looking or if it’s best to stay in your current job for the moment.

#9 – Stand Out In A Crowd!

Your recruiter will review your resume and offer suggestions on ways to improve your resume so it is easy to read and provides information that hiring managers want to learn about you. Your recruiter will also prepare you for interviews by providing information about the position that you can’t learn from a job description or job posting. They will tell you about the hiring manager’s personality, the culture of the company and the work environment allowing you to effectively communicate with the manager and share your experience that ensures you stand out among other applicants.

#8 – Avoid “Overexposure”

Hiring managers prefer “exclusive” candidates to fill their open positions. When they see a resume through a job board or through multiple agencies their impression is that the candidate may not be very valuable. By working through one recruiter or agency you become an “exclusive” candidate and more interesting to hiring managers.

#7 – Your Recruiter Has A Specialized Network – Allow Them to Use It!

By working with a recruiter that is specialized in your career field, you through them will have access to multiple companies/hiring managers desiring your skills and experience. Your recruiter can quickly send your resume (with your permission of course) to their clients for consideration.

#6 – Avoid the “Black Hole”

When you work with your recruiter your resume is sent directly to a hiring manager for consideration; where you will be one of a few candidates being considered for the position. If you apply to a company’s website directly your application may wind up in a very large stack of applications (otherwise known as “the black hole”) that may take days or even weeks to be reviewed by the company’s HR Department.

#5 – Your Recruiter Keeps The Hiring Process Moving!

Your recruiter keeps the hiring process moving by checking on your status often. Receiving feedback quickly is important so you know if you’re still being considered. Your recruiter coordinates your interviews and encourages the hiring managers to free up their time to schedule your interview quickly. Recruiters also follow-up with the managers after the interviews to request feedback and establish next steps for candidates (hopefully hearing an offer is soon to be extended)!

#4 – Contract, Contract to Hire and Direct Hire Opportunities

Your Recruiter will have access to multiple types of job opportunities! Companies may be in need of contract, contract-to-hire or direct hire resources. Depending on your level of experience and the type of position you are seeking we will help you determine which options you should consider.

#3 – Responding to the Salary Question

Your recruiter knows your value! They are aware of the current market rate for your skills. They can also make recommendations on to position your experience and skills to optimize your compensation.

#2 – Recruiting Services Are FREE!

Employers pay recruiters to find top talent for their organizations. There is NO COST to candidates for all the services a recruiter provides to you (job market information, resume preparation, interview coaching, salary negotiation etc.).

And the #1 Reason Why You Should Work with a Recruiter is………….

Keeping Your Search Confidential So Your Boss Doesn’t Find Out Your Exploring New Opportunities!

When you place your resume on job boards you run the risk of your current employer finding your resume on line. Ouch! Not to mention having multiple recruiters calling you and calling you and calling you. By working with one recruiter you keep your job search confidential and maintain control of your resume.